Messy: Saved to Serve Series Part One

Type your paragraph here.Grin and bear it was usually how First Lady Catrice Greene was able to make it through considering she never wanted to be a First Lady to begin with. Growing up a PK (preacher’s kid) she knew firsthand the types of issues and drama that can plague a church, and the pastor’s family in particular. Besides, why suffer through what it seemed her mother did?

Unfortunately this time tolerance is not the key and not one thing was funny when a serious accusation about Pastor Carlton Greene touched up close and personal. Instead of starting and ending where it began, it had a rippling effect throughout the congregation. But what should be done about the very thing that God says in His Word that He hates? Sweep it under the rug, pretend it did not happen, or act like it is the norm?

“Messy” will not just bring you church drama, but will address it and find a resolve that will bring healing and love.

The Putting Away

Book 2 of the "Seasons of Life" series

Denise, a single mom, has finally met the man of her dreams; one she can settle down with. As a bonus, he is the perfect partner to help her to raise her son, Amir. Bernard loves Denise with all of his heart, and other than his weekend drinking binges, he's a pretty good man. The break up to make up scenario makes it all better and pacifies Denise every time.

Tonya and Gary are dealing with trust in their marriage and must come to terms with major issues that are adversely affecting their family as a whole. Finding their way back to the loving arms of one another has proven to be a difficult task.

My Bad: Saved to Serve Series Part Five

Eric Xavier Williams III was a fifth generation COGIC descendant, and he used this fact to his advantage and leverage when he felt the occasion called for it. His newly appointed position to Mount Zion Church of God in Christ’s minister of music was just the thing to prove that he had some pull in the historic church. Was Eric really ready for the responsibility?

History and legacy is meaningful to those that inherit it, but finding ones place in what it all means challenged Eric, and meeting the beautiful Terri Ransome did not give Eric too much insight into the direction of his life other than what was before his eyes.

Will Eric come to understand what it really means to have a rich legacy in a historic church body, or will he understand that he is to follow the path of those before him and live a life for God with understanding and accountability?

Forgiven: Saved to Serve Series Part Three

Mistake after mistake and the death of her father found Tiana Barnes serving God from a very long distance while trying to come to terms with the life that changed suddenly for her at the age of 16. She secretly held a grudge against God, blaming Him for taking away the only man she lived to please, burying herself in a lifestyle in contrast to how she was raised.

Looking back and viewing her life through what she believes everyone else sees, Tiana decides it would be better to live up to what she had created as opposed to listening to those who have her best interests at heart. Add to that three little girls, no husband and an unfinished education, Tiana convinces herself that she has to do what she has to do.

What will it take to convince Tiana that not only is God’s forgiveness available to her, she can learn to forgive herself?

Change Me For My Season

Book 3 of the "Seasons of Life" series

Change Me For My Season presents life-changing events that shake Tonya, Denise and Lisa to the core of their beings. The three friends have gone through seasons of life together since childhood, and now that they are older, understanding of how precious life is and how quickly it can be taken or given is sobering.

Divorce, pregnancy and death are the things the ladies have to come to terms with while raising their own children to adulthood…but will they be able to wrap their hearts and minds around the life-altering events of their lives? There are natural seasons in life that may remain intact for predictable and expected periods of time, but we cannot expect the same of God’s seasons in our lives.

Author Sharel E. Gordon-Love

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Compromise is NOT and Option

An Eye of the Storm Short (Kindle and Nook)

Somesecrets are never buried deep enough, and once they surface, can cause irreparable damage. Always willing to meet her husband half way, Cherie is excited to meet Cedric's long-lost sister, but what will she be bringing with her to the family holiday celebration? A way out seems to be better than finding middle ground in Compromise Is Not An Option by Author Sharel E. Gordon-Love

​​The Shame: Saved to Serve Series Part Two

Published by Peace in the Storm Publishing LLC

Hurt, shame, betrayal, abandonment and vengeance is a mixture that spells disaster when Carla Simpson finds herself pregnant out of wedlock in the church. Under the judgmental eyes of some of the congregants and advice from the last person she should have considered receiving it, Carla set about trying to find a way out of her difficult situation and yet deal with how she believed she was being perceived by all who knew her.

Will Carla be able to come to a place of love in the very place she experienced her hurt and shame?

The Shame is a story that teaches us that in spite of what the situation may be, God is merciful and gracious to all, extending restoration and love that can be found at the house of God. Type your paragraph here.

U-N-I-T-Y: Saved to Serve Series Part Four

After the death of a faithful member, Pastor Carlton Greene, Sr. struggled with his decision to throw in the towel and leave the ministry behind as he questioned whether his position as pastor was by God’s design or man’s assignment.

Having walked in his pastorate at Mount Zion Church of God in Christ for the past seven years with joy and great expectation, it seemed to suddenly fall apart for Pastor Greene. If it was not one thing, it was another; finances, people, problems and tragedy came tumbling down bringing with it doubts and the urge to let it all go.

Finding a way to return the church to a place of loving God, and forgiving and loving one another will take a divine move of God and a yielded leader of God’s people. Will Pastor Greene allow God to do the work, or will he walk away from his calling?

Don't Want to Love You

An Eye of the Storm Short (Kindle and Nook)

Lynetta was only 16 year-old when Glen stole her heart and her precious gift, but what resulted from this relationship was not enough to keep them forever. More than anything, it complicated matters and the pretty boy that all the girls had to have was no longer in Lynetta's life to help her realize her happy ever after.

A family trait that Glen inherited, as well as the reputation that goes along with it, put him in a place of notoriety that preceded him and seem to be the force that propelled him forward, even if really caring for Lynetta went against the grain. A decision definitely had to be made in order to be who Glen was born to be: a Haloran Man.